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Facts Concerning the lives of Lions

The most elegant animal on earth has to be the lion. Despite being the most elegant animal on earth, many people always have many myths about it. This is greatly contributed by the many myths that are surrounding lions. Every single person on the earth cannot lack to have a misconception about lions. This is mainly because the lions have been perceived differently by different cultures. For you to stop holding on to myths about lions that you have, there is need to know what the reality is. Read through this article to gain more knowledge on the interesting facts about lions.

One very interesting fact about lions is that they are the heaviest animals on our earth. A lion which has matured is among the heaviest animals that are present in our planet. A mature female will weigh 130 kg. This will, of course, not be known by looking at pictures of lions which never seem to weigh that much. Males can even reach up to 130 kg. With such information, then you can safely say that lions are among the heaviest animals that we currently have on earth.

Another interesting fact is that lions can live up to 12 years of age. The lifespan of lions can go for 12 years going forward. However, this may vary greatly on several factors. A contributing factor to the lifespan of a lion will be if it is a wild lion or a captive lion. When it comes to captive lions, then you can be sure that they can even live for more than the 12-year mark.

For the wild lions, you can be sure that their lifespan will be limited owing to the fact that there are many dangers within their natural surrounding. Another contributing factor to the lifespan of a lion is the breed of the lion. The varied breeds of lions means that they cannot have the same lifespan.

One very interesting fact is that lions do not live in jungle environments. This then contradicts the phrase ‘king of the jungle’ being in reference to the lion. This is one myth that most people have been told since they were young. Lions cannot live in a jungle environment. This then means that they cannot be king in an environment that they will not be able to survive in.

Lions can live in deserts, grasslands, or green plains where they are well suited for. Lions are also unique from their fellow cats owing to the fact that they live in groups called prides. This is one unique fact that can make you confuse them with canine animals that always live in packs.

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